Cogzidel Technologies now an official partner of Boonex Dolphin Community, a successful part of  Cogzidel Technologies has  become an official partner of  Boonex Dolphin Community.  Cogzidel templates offer a variety of unique, professional and clean boonex dolphin templates for fee and free too!  We are now become an official boonex partner to offer design and development services that includes dolphin template design, template CSS/ XHTML conversion,  template integration,  mods, tricks and tips.

Therefore,  Cogzidel Templates can provide its clients and customers a complete spectrum of  services related to dolphin at a very nominal cost with greatest customer satisfaction.

Dolphin Boonex is a robust  online social networking software  which provides flexible way to create any sort of online community website  in just few mins, and at a lesser cost. It has an array of extraordinary features including Photo Sharing, Video Sharing, Music Sharing, AJAX Forums,Video Chat, Blogs, Polls, Search Events, Groups, Mailbox, Friends, Customizable Profiles, Powerful Admin Panel, Design Templates and Languages  and many other interesting features with  greater customer satisfaction.

You may look forward our dolphin templates with Dolphin version 7 in coming months. I personally thank  Mr Victor, Executive Director, BoonEX Ltd who  helped me out throughout the process. Credit goes to my project manager Mr Major Karthik and his team and my CEO, Mr Anand Nataraj for his moral support.

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