RBS 1.5 is released

Cogzidel is releasing the new version of RBS with some new features and lot of bug fixes.

Added features :

1.Buyers cannot post contact information while creating projects

2.Buyers/Providers cannot use their email address on PMB

3.Light box popup is added for privacy policy and terms of condition on sign up step 2

4.Remember me option on login page

5.Pick provider from view project page and also cancel and extend project on the same page

6.Remove emails from inbox/outbox

7.Support desk

8.Private project

9.Programmer fees calculation is now % of winning bid

10.Able to download the uploaded document for projects on the view project page

11.Project status (Open, frozen and closed ) , chosen programmer, ratings and payment details are displayed on the view project page

12.Able to release the escrow amount to programmers by Buyers

13.Programmers can bookmark other’s projects

14.Suspend users by site admin

You can download script here http://www.cogzidel.com/products-rbs/rbs_1.5.zip

The next version of RBS (2.0) will have the following features,

1.Certified members

2.Affiliate system

3.Job listing

4.Required escrow by programmers

5.System wide forced escrow

6.Google checkout payment

7.Moneybookers payment

6 thoughts on “RBS 1.5 is released

    1. Hello Ray,

      Thanks for contacting Cogzidel Support. Hope you are doing good.

      As of now, we don’t have any plan in updating the RBS to 2.0 however if you want we can upgrade the Script to version 2.0 specially for you. For more information, please send us an email to support@cogzidel.com or Skype us at cogzidel

      Thank you.

      1. Hello Tamy,

        Currently we don’t have RBS 2.0 however if you wish we can develop it specially for you (Not available for other) at a nominal cost. Let us know if you are interested to proceed further on this.

    1. Hello Tamy,

      Thanks for contacting Cogzidel Support!! How are you doing?

      Yes, the RBS Script – Freelancer Clone is absolutely free with 100% source code. You can download the package from the Download area.

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