RBS V1.6 released with more advanced features

RBS- Scriptlance clone script
RBS- Scriptlance clone script

We are happy to announce the version 1.6 release of RBS with some quality features.For new audience RBS is the acronym of Reverse Bidding System. RBS is a free software Licensed under GPL(General Public License)Published by free software foundation. You can use RBS as a bidding system where buyers can post their requirements and sellers can post their bids, along with their expertise. The buyers and sellers may range from  real estate contractors, sub contractors, B2B, B2C, procurement, service providers, webmasters, government agencies and much more

See RBS in demo mode
Buyer Area

Login URL : http://products.cogzidel.com/rbs/

Buyer Username : demobuyer

Buyer Password : cogzidel
Seller Area

Login URL : http://products.cogzidel.com/rbs/

Seller Username : demoseller

Seller Password : cogzidel
Admin Area

Login URL : http://products.cogzidel.com/rbs/siteadmin

Admin Username : admin

Admin Password : admin

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