Recreation Club launch in Cogzidel Chennai

As we all familiar about a proverb “All work and no play make jack a dull boy.” To make all jacks in Cogzidel happy & comfort, we have started a Recreation Club. Even though Recreation Cub is not a new thing to Cogzidel but it is new to Chennai Cogzians.

Why Recreation Club? The natural gut feeling for recreation is felt by the working people in common with persons of every class. Recreation to the working people is not an occupation but a diversion. This gives the employee’s more interest and relaxation in their work. Where Relaxation is speed, and speed is life.

Our CEO declared the launch of Recreation club on  July 2010 in the presence of our CFO & CTO. We began  the celebration with a cake cutting, then we had a special quiz named ‘ Cogzidel Quiz ‘. The underscore of this quiz was that all the questions were about Cogzidel. The winner & Runner up team were awarded with small gifts too.

A special thanks to all Cogzians who made this done!!!!

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