Memorable Event at Cogzidel Technologies

We proudly celebrated one of our special day of the year 2010. Yes, Cogzidel Technologies Private Limited, a leading custom web design and web development company in India, celebrated the Second Anniversary Day for Cogzidel Technologies on September 9, 2010. The past two years has helped Cogzidel Technologies Private Limited to reach some major milestones and we hope that the coming years would help us in reaching all the major milestones with our efforts and smartness. We enjoyed the second anniversary function with our team and cherished all the moments.

We celebrated this special occasion with Mr. S. Anand Nataraj (CEO) and Mr. Bala Murugan (CFO), Cogzidel Group of Companies. All our employees gathered together and shared their thoughts with everyone. We had a cool session discussing about why a person has chosen his career in IT field and why they prefer to stay in Madurai when compared to Chennai. Our CEO and CFO shared their thoughts on the development of the company from scratch and their future plans about the development of the company.

Lord Ganesh
Lord Ganesh
Cogzidel Office
Cogzidel Technologies Office
Cogzidel 2nd Anniversary Celebrations
Cogzidel Second Anniversary Celebrations
Chief Executive Officer - Mr. Anand Nataraj
Anniversary celebration
Anniversary Celebration

It has been a great year for Cogzidel Technologies Private Limited, India. Now with 100+ employees and ready for further growth, it gives pleasure to see an idea take off at such speed, in an unimaginably large market opportunity and to see so many people, organizations and companies embrace what we do and has to offer now and in the future.

Big thanks to Mr. S. Anand Nataraj (CEO) and Mr. Bala Murugan (CFO), Cogzidel Group of Companies.

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