Technical Blog: Have you got Skilled Professionals in handling Technical Issues?

We know technical issues will be faced by developers and designers in the web world in the midst of a project design and development. Our team is always set to cope up with all the challenges / issues they face and act accordingly during a web design / development project.  We would like to share our thoughts and experience about few issues which we had faced and the way it was handled by our professionals. Your comments will be highly appreciated.

What is it?
A client had bought a dating script without realizing the fact that the script will not be helpful to develop a site as per his requirement. He wanted to develop the business site using the dating script.

The client insisted us to use the script and develop the business site as he had bought it.

Our professional experts dealt with the development of the site by disabling all the unwanted features in the script and did few custom works to make sure that the client’s requirement was fulfilled successfully.

We were involved in another project where an open id is to be created in a site which has been developed using a Social networking script to enable the user to connect to the sites which he wants to like facebook using one single id. For example, you will be able to login in to your site using your Facebook login ID. Hence to achieve this, one will need to create an application and then register the domain in the sites which he wants to connect to like Yahoo, Gmail, so that he will be able to connect to other sites using the single ID. As this was a pilot project for us, we executed this project making sure to fulfill the customer’s requirements before the time limit and succeeded in completing it as planned.

Another client of us wanted us to integrate the forum and their script. The integration was done successfully by our professionals. Although the session kept changing when the user id was created in both the script and forum, we made sure that the issue got fixed in no time.

As stated earlier, technical issues are bound to happen and professionals with the right skills excel in the midst of technical issues. We would welcome your thoughts and comments on this technical blog by Cogzidel Technologies.

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