New Features added to Yipit Clone -Vouch 1.0.2

We have released a new build of Vouch – Yipit Clone – 1.0.2

It features some bug fixes, usability improvements and some new functionality.

Here is what you will find in Vouch 1.0.2

  • Auto Pilot System
  • Bread Crumb Navigation
  • Regular Expression Deal Importer
  • Pagination

Change Log:

Before doing the changes backup all your files. And replace the following changed files.

  1. ./vouch/css/admin_common.css
  2. ./vouch/css/stylesheet.css
  3. ./ application/controllers/siteadmin/dealimporter.php
  4. ./ application/controllers/siteadmin/home.php
  5. ./ application/helpers/xml_reader_helper.php
  6. ./ application/views/admin/ edit_deal_details.php

New Feature 1: Breadcrumbs (Navigation)

Added the breadcrumbs navigation, It allows users to keep track of their locations within page.

Files Required:

  • breadcrumb_helper.php
  • breadcrumb.php


Step 1

Place the file breadcrumb_helper.php in the helper folder

Location: “ ./application/helpers/ breadcrumb_helper.php “

Step 2

Place the file breadcrumb.php in the config folder

Location: “ ./application/helpers/ breadcrumb_helper.php “

Step 3

Place this line $autoload[‘helper’] = array(‘breadcrumb’); anywhere in the autoload.php file

Location: “ ./application/config / autoload.php “

Step 4

Replace the following file

2) ./application/views/header.php

1) ./application/views/admin/header.php

New Feature 2: Crontab

Cron tab in vouch to do the automated scheduling task for import deals.

Files Required:

  • cron.php
  • regular_expression.php


1) Place the cron.php file under /public_html/vouch/cron.php

2) Place the cron.php file under /public_html/vouch/regular_expression.php

3)In the Cpanel click the Crontab Manager , Add new job button In command field ender the path of the cron.php file ie: links and set the scheduling and follow the instruction.

New Feature 3: Regular Expression Deal Importer

Importing Deals form deals site by getting content of the web page.


  • Add the filed deal_link in the web_sites table in DB

`deal_link` varchar(500) NOT NULL,

  • Replace the following files:

1) ./application/controllers/siteadmin/home.php

2) ./application/views/admin/view_web_site.php

3) ./application/views/admin/add_web_sites.php

4) ./ application/helpers/regular_expression_helper.php

5) ./ application/helpers/ simple_html_dom_helper.php

New Feature 4: Pagination

The Pagination Added for View City Management and Website Management page in the admin mode

Files Required:

1) Pagination.php


1) Place the Pagination.php under ”. /system/libraries/ Pagination.php “

1) Replace ./application/views/admin/view_city.php

2) Replace ./application/views/admin/ view_web_site.php

Existing customers can download our yipit clone from our customer area. If you want to order our Daily Deal Aggregator, please order from here. If you have any questions, please contact our online support for more information.  You can also contact for Pre-sales inquiries.

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