Dropinnoid – Android App Launched!!

Today, we are pleased to announce the launch of Dropinnoid, to our customers worldwide. Dropinnoid is the new android application built for Dropinn. As known, android is one of the most widely used mobile operating system these days. As the clone of Airbnb – Dropinn, aids the persons from private residents or commercial properties to rent their available extra space, this new application will ease the search for the property which a user desires to find out right from your mobile. Few of the cool features of Dropinnoid are given below:

  • Browse available properties with auto suggestion
  • Flexible search result page
  • Detailed room page with photo’s and map

Here are few screenshot:

Login PageSearch Page

Search Result PageDetailed Page

This fresh Application would be updated at regular intervals with additional features such as Easy user signup, Post the list, Payment Gateways – PayPal and Credit Card, Hosting and Traveler Management, and much more. Sounds interesting? Get to know more about our cool community market place script via our online support or by mail to bala.k@cogzidel.com

4 thoughts on “Dropinnoid – Android App Launched!!

  1. Very helpful Android app! especially made for travelers, also it provides good information on almost everything..!

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