Cogzidel launches the next version of Dropinnoid

What is Dropinnoid and why people choose it for their vacation rental booking?

Well, Dropinnoid is an Android mobile app of Dropinn, a vacation rental reservation script which aids to book the places for rent in advance from your mobile on the couch itself.



Less than a month old Dropinnoid seems to have created an immense effect on the users by the look of the rate of downloads of the script from the day it was launched as it takes the credit of being the first Android mobile application of Airbnb. Thanks to our skilled professionals, we started our work on the next version of it so as keep the tempo up all the time.


List your space


We would like to thank all our existing customers for their special attention and continuous support on our airbnb Android mobile app Dropinnoid. Also, we would like to submit another cool news to you all that our Android app product Dropinnoid has been upgraded with the latest version.

Payment details


Paypal checkout


Cogzidel Technologies is happy to announce the launch of next version of Dropinnoid with added features. Along with its pre-existing features, users looking for accommodation or looking to list their free spaces can now experience this vacation rental booking script with additional features from your mobile in no time.

Paypal status


Few of the additional features listed below for reference:

Dropinnoid Features:

  1. Easy user signup
  2. Edit list descriptions [ New ]
  3. Login system
  4. Post the list
  5. Edit list amenities and price [ New ]
  6. Browse available properties with auto suggestion
  7. Flexible search result page
  8. Photo upload to list from phone [ New ]
  9. Detailed room page with photo’s and map
  10. Paypal payment gateways
  11. Flexible quick links [ New ]

Get to know more about the upgraded version of Dropinnoid and its salient features, keep in touch with our online support or post your enquiry to

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