Enlight your groupon clone site with SEPT Offers, a ready-made theme

Avail the 200 USD worth “SEPT Offers” – Groupon clone theme just for 79.99 USD now 🙂   Hurry up! Limited period offer…

Who wouldn’t want a site which is similar to “Google Offers“. As we were approached by many users with the following query – Have you got anything similar to “Google Offers“? Our technical team worked on it and has come up with the one similar to it named “SEPT Offers – Groupon clone theme“.

Glimpse of the SEPT Offers:

If you are looking to run your own site similar to “Google Offers“, you can go ahead with a combination of SEPT- Groupon Clone and this theme which would add great asset to it as it will give a fresh professional look to your site. Kindly note that this theme would be filled with more significant updates in the days to come.

SEPT Offers theme

SEPT offers and discount deals:

SEPT Offers filled with significant features, vibrant color and much more is bound to facelift your site. This “Groupon Clone theme” is currently worth 200 USD. As winter is approaching, we have decided to warm our customers with a distinct offer in the midst of other offers provided by different companies this season. You can now avail this cool groupon clone theme for only 79.99 USD 🙂

SEPT Offers theme design

You can play around the Groupon clone theme and also the existing customers can download our premium groupon clone from our customer area. Similarly, you can order our groupon clone and its theme from here itself. This theme is compatible with both FREE and PAID SEPT script. For further enquiries about this groupon clone theme, please feel free to contact bala.k@cogzidel.com

Get a feel of this amazing groupon clone theme now!!!

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