Vouch, a yipit clone upgraded to the latest version 1.0.4

Release Date: November 16, 2011

Version 1.0.4

We are happy to share the cool news on version update of Vouch, a yipit clone with our users. With the large amount of positive responses in hand to our new product, our team has updated the Vouch, with more amazing features. The current version of Vouch version 1.0.4 is meant to get the users excited due to array of fruitful features filled within in it.

This is a summary of the new features included and other major changes in this release:

1. General changes

  • Auto loaded all language, helpers, libraries and model in autoload.php (./application/config/autoload.php) and removed where statically loaded the libraries, helpers and model.
  • Added language files “translate_lang.php” and “notification_lang.php” under .for language translate. Folder Location: ./application/language/english/admin/ and ./application/language/french/admin/
  • Modified index() in ./application/controllers/home.php for homepage slider and added the following images right_arraow.png, left_arrow.png and left_arrow_inact.png under ./css/images/
  • Modified “skin.css” and “jquery.jcarousel.min.js” for homepage slider. Location: ./css/skin.css and .js/jquery.jcarousel.min.js
  • Modified “splash.php” for home page slider under .application/views/splash/splash.php
  • Added library file tweet.php for Twitter authentication. ./application/libraries/tweet.php
  • Modified add_website() and edit_websit() in ./application/controllers/siteadmin/home.php for adding the currency
  • Modified the updateSiteSettings() function in ./application/models/settings_model.php for adding default category
  • Modified index() function for selecting the default subcategory of deals if a user does not select any category

2. Helpers

  • Modified xml_reader_helper.php in ./applicationhelpers/xml_reader_helper.php for selecting the default category when the deals are viewed by categories

3. Model

  • Added count_result() for counting the fetched results for the table in ./application/model/common_model.php
  • Modified updateSiteSettings() function for selecting the deal’s default subcategory (../models/settings_model.php)

4. View

  • Modified ./application/views/admin/add_web_sites.php for default currency add
  • Modified all view files. For language translator, all the labels and message were changed like the following <?php echo $this->lang->line(‘label or message name’);?> label names declared in the language files
  • Modified header.php in the following locations for language translator. ./application/views/splash /header/php

5. Controller

  • Added new controller t_connect.php in ./ application/controllers./t_connect/php for twitter login
  • Modified all the controller’s construct functions for loading the language. For example, if your controller name is Admin, there is a function named Admin, which is same as your controller name. An example given below for reference:

class Admin extends CI_Controller


function Admin()




Folder Location: ./application/controllers/siteadmin/

6. Database

Execute the following query in settings table for default deals language selection:

INSERT INTO `settings` (`code`, `name`, `setting_type`, `value_type`, `int_value`, `string_value`, `text_value`, `created`) VALUES (‘DEFAULT_LANGUAGE’, ‘Language Code’, ‘S’, ‘S’, NULL, ‘english’, NULL, 0)

  • Added new field “currency” with varchar(5)
  • Added new record in settings table. Insert the following query

INSERT INTO `settings` (`code`, `name`, `setting_type`, `value_type`, `int_value`, `string_value`, `text_value`, `created`) VALUES (‘DEAL_DEFAULT_CATECORY’, ‘deal_default_category’, ‘S’, ‘T’, 0, NULL, ‘Others’, 0);

Bug fixes for 1.0.3

  • Have fixed the bug of getting blank space in home page when there is no site logo
  • Fixed the bug of getting error when the deals cannot be imported from the given RSS feed
  • Alert message will be given if any deal is selected to delete. You can get this page by clicking the link “Deal” under the Manage Deal option in admin mode
  • Fixed the bug of displaying delete dropdown and submit button even when there is no deals in the list. In view_deals page. http://www.yoursite.com/dealimporter/view_deals
  • Pagination has been created in Admin Dashboard home page

Features for the current version of Vouch (Version 1.0.4)

  • Added new feature (Multi languages) for switching the site to different languages
  • Added new feature (Twitter) for user login
  • Calculated the no.of active deals and archive deals in Admin dashboard homepage

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