Cogzidel set to unravel its own version of P2P Reputation System

Following the unprecedented success of Sept and Dropinn, the Cogzidel team is again currently hard at work in creating new innovative products for a wide variety of clients. One of these is a clone, a reputation and people discovery software designed to help people and organizations generate more money by connecting people and reputable businesses.


This is the beauty behind a software like The relevance and demand for a social vouching concept like prompted the Cogzidel team to come up with an equally great, if not better version of this product, which can be used with existing social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.


Through simple social verification system, you can share your own or your company’s reputation and connect with other reputable entities across the social web. But the software is more that just a tool to vouch for your co-workers, business associates and friends. It’s also an online springboard to be recognized for your passions and skills, and prove your trustworthiness – making it easier to interact and transact online.

While most people have resigned to the idea that nothing can possibly facilitate trust online and make the social web safer, a software like this presents an effective tool to control and monitor the sharing of day on popular networking sites under one powerful platform.

Check our blog regularly for the announcement for the product’s release in the coming months. Also, you can follow us on Facebook and Twitter to get constant update. Be among the first to test it and enjoy exclusive deals!

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