Five important tips to brand your product via Pinterest

Pinterest is the mind blowing social media today where it generates more referral traffic to a website or a blog when compared to other popular social networks such as YouTube, Facebook and Google Plus. It simply works as a great marketing tool for your product based websites and blog.


As far as the business is concerned, this startup would help a lot to entrepreneurs and small business owners to generate revenue. For example, Pinterest enhance their business strategies and improve their product development as well. They can share their company products images and vids, infographics, etc. on this network which bring conversion and lead generation to their business.


Now a question is raised in your mind, how to use pinterest for B2C campaigns? Let’s see below how the pinterest helps for conversion in B2C .


  1. Proper consistency in the network
  2. Pin the product images in the website or blog which you want to brand
  3. Install the Pin It button in the products page which bring a backlink to that source
  4. Promote the product with your own style using attractive title, pinboard and description
  5. #hashtag helps to consolidate the pics and vids with appropriate community

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