New user administration and management in Google Webmasters Tools

Google Webmasters tools has included a new option named “User Administration” in the “Site Configuration” category where the account administrator can add upto 100 users in the account and manage permissions to them as well.

User administration in Google webmasters

We can add or remove site owners by landing on to Owner Verification Page:

  1. This new option will help the added users have the right to access the website submitted in webmasters tools.
  2. Can be able to add a new user and delegate the user by just click the unverify link if we want to remove.
  3. Possible to revoke the delegated users back if we want them to access it again.
  4. The most notable feature is that the users who have gmail id only allowed to view it and not allowed for domain based email ids inspite of created via Google based mail app.
Multiple users manage in Google webmasters

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