How to get the score for a Pinterest profile?

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is one of the prominent way to drive the traffic for a website. Lot of social media sites are available these days where the users can share their thoughts, day by day incidents, happenings, events, etc. with their friends across the network. Using social media sites, one can create a personal profile or company profile and can start to brand their own personal identity and company as well.


Social media score is a factor which helps to find out how many actions performed by a user such as likes, retweets, comments and more in a social network. Based on the high score value, the updates shared in the personal or business profile can be shown as real time results in search results pages.

Social Media Analytics:

  1. Klout is a social media analytics to measure the user’s influence across their social networks. The analysis is done on data taken from sites such as Twitter and Facebook and measures the size of a person’s network, the content created, and how other people interact with that content.
  2. PinClout is an another social media analytics service for Pinterest (similar to Klout) whose name has renamed as PinReach now.

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