How to pin your favorite quotes and text?

As Pinterest is a growing social network, every nation remake their own social image tagging application for their businesses. The major countries such as China, India and Singapore are involved in providing pinterest clone as it’s popularity increases day by day and due to its image and video tagging feature as well.


Hope everyone knows that Pinterest is a popular social picture bookmarking site where the users can share and bookmark their favorite images, pics and videos on a categorized pinboard. A question can arise in everyone’s mind, then what about text? Is there any way to bookmark particular text?

Pin A Quote:

Can we pin a favorite quotes or text which we come across in our daily life?


In my opinion, it is possible! Of course a new service named “PINAQUOTE” ( similar to Pinterest which enables the users to pin their favorite quotes or text and pin it to their pinterest profile.

Steps involved to pin a text:

  1. Type in the browser address bar
  2. Drag the “Pin A Quote” button to the bookmarks bar
  3. Highlight or Select the favorite text which you want to pin
  4. Click on the “Pin A Quote” bookmarklet button
  5. The highlighted text will be appeared in the bookmarking popup window and then post it
  6. Now the users will be redirected to a new page where they can send the posted text to Pinterest just by clicking Pin it link
  7. Categorize the posted text according to the pinboard and view it in your pinterest profile


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