What does Pingram mean?

Pingram is a combination of two different photo sharing applications Instagram and Pinterest and the name derives from the word “Pin” in the phrase Pinterest and “gram” in Instagram. Let’s see how Instagram and Pinterest relates:


Instagram is a free photo sharing mobile application which is used to take photos and also it is used to apply digital filter. This photos are used in different social networking sites which is also applicable in the Instagram. It confines photo in square shape and also contrast with 4:3 ratio which is mostly used in mobile phone cameras. It is suitable for the iPhone and iPad which is applied through the Apple app store.


Pinterest is a social image bookmarking service which is playing a vital role among all other social networking sites. Till the date they have got 17 million users in this march alone. I am participating this network regularly after facebook. In fact, it addicts me now. It helps to share different kinds of images and video clips with my friends and neighborhoods just by pin it on the categorized pinboard. Also, it has feature to repin, comment and like the images pinned by others.


Pingram is the combination of the Instagram and Pinterest which was launched recently by the Italian web developer and an ex-hacker Gennaro varriale. With the help of Instagram we can share our photos with clean interface which is similar to Pinterest.


Pingrammers can share their photos from the social photo sharing mobile application Instagram and also they can tweet in twitter as well. It also has a special feature where the users can “Pin” the photos that are capturing via Instagram app to their own pinterest profile.


We have collected such information from the blog which inspired me to prepare blog post about Pingram. Finally I have to thank website where I have gathered such informations about it.

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