Cogzidel set to unravel a Social Commerce script with social at the core of it’s DNA

Since its inception, online shopping has never been the same — with almost everything within a mere click away. Cogzidel team is keen on taking it to a whole new level with the impending launch of its latest project – clone. Inspired by the idea and success of, clone is designed to provide a whole new shopping experience across different verticals, such as Pets, Kids, Food and Fashion among others.


Its streamlined approach makes it supremely easier for shoppers to navigate and focus their searches on particular segments they are interested in. All features included in this project have been the result of careful and extensive study, taking into account analysis on social media shares, shopping data and sales as well as user surveys. When it comes to delivering more innovative solutions, you can definitely rely on Cogzidel not to leave any stone unturned.


This new product targets to provide a more enhanced online shopping experience by providing shoppers the unrivalled convenience of drilling down into different categories with more ease. Functions of the site also include weekly specials, sales, opt-in email mechanisms al divided into different categories.


For more updates on this latest project, check our website for upcoming announcements and updates. You can also contact or post your comments on Cogzidel Fan page for pre-orders.

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