SOLVED! HTTP Status 417 Error

It’s a technical post related to the system administration. We wanted to share this blog to our visitors, regular readers and for someone who search for related issue. Our System Administrator, Boominadha Prakash recently switched some of the PC(s) to ‘ Dedicated Internet Leased Line’ which had IPCop enabled server and since then we ran into a weird issue 🙂 .Our Courier team (Coined by C-Team) were unable to run their Kayako Live Response V3 tool for some reason. With the help of Boomi we learned that it was due to the IPCop (Firewall) that blocked while logging into the app.

The summary of the issue and fix is as follows.


If the IPCop is enabled, it blocks the Kayako Live Response V3 to login.

The software shows the following error:

A communication with the server has failed. Details: HTTP Error 417

An error occurred while attempting to communicate with the server (online 00:00:00):

The server returned an error response.

Data: ()

Error: HTTP Error 417


  • When using the HTTP Web Request to POST form data using HTTP 1.1. It always adds the following HTTP Header : “Expect: 100- continue”
  • Squid firewall blocks this “Expect: 100- continue” HTTP Header

Let’s go to the solution part now. In order to fix this issue, you need to add 1 line in squid configure file.

Rule: ignore_expect_100 on

File Location: /var/ipcop/proxy/squid.conf or /etc/squid/squid.conf


  • Open Terminal
  • Login as root
  • # vi /etc/squid/squid.conf
  • add this line : ignore_expect_100 on
  • Then press esc :wq to save and exit the file

PS: The issue only pertains in the Kayako LIVE Response V3 only. In V4, there is a built-in option to overcome this problem 🙂 .

Although, it’s a simple fix, we couldn’t find this fix anywhere. Therefore, we hope this post would be helpful for freelancers/ companies who use Kayako Live Response V3.

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