DROPINN – Airbnb Clone reborn, Version 1.6.6


We are proud to announce a new version of Airbnb (Version 1.6.6) with some cool features that would awe you for sure and major bugs and glitches revised. This will give you, our customers a much better use of the site and will leave us (the creators) with the satisfaction that we are here to deliver only the best!!

Here are the tweaks and changes that we did to the new version First and foremost we have given a glitzy facelift to the UI (User Interface) for our site and that would for sure swoon our users. It looks better than the original. The UI we have developed for this version is both platform and browser independent. So have no worry if you are a Firefox or a Chrome user or even an IE user.

The following list will give you a brief about all the additional and new features which we you will be looking forward in the new version

  1. Re tweaked UI – You will be looking at a new User Interface for this version which will be smooth and easy to use. This will take the user experience to the next level.
  2. Request expires automatically in 24 hours if unanswered –  As soon as a listing is booked, it will trigger a timer. The timer will be visible to both the customer and the user. It will expire if the booking is not replied to or accepted by the host
  3. Filters in Hosting page – Filters can be implemented on listings created by users
  4. Neighborhood based filtration – Users can choose location based on their chosen neighborhoods. If the preferred neighborhood is not among the listing, they can choose “No neighborhood place” from the choices given.
  5. View the statistics of each listing page – The statistic of each individual page can be made available and they can be traced. The host too can see this.
  6. Member Search for Admin – The details of the available registered members will be available to the Admin, who can search them from their end.
  7. Administrators can edit the Amenities listed – Admin can add/edit the amenities that are listed in the listings that the user chooses and once added or edited it will reflect on the user’s side too.
  8. Read and Unread messages pointed out clearly –Both will have different background colors and the Unread messages will have their fonts in bold
  9. Property type can be edited by the Admin – When creating listing, the admin will have the right to add/edit the property type of the listing.
  10. Currency conversion made easy – With the search feature comes an additional top up – converting the currency for simplicity and ease of use.
  11. “Search “ feature in all pages – The “Search” header will be seen in all the pages

With all this we have also eradicated the bugs that were causing trouble. This will definitely give our users a very better and faster use and a everlasting satisfaction. We personally think that it looks better than ever and striking for a victorious launch. To mark this jubilant occasion we are coming up with a promotion. This will be a 10% on the purchase of Standard and 15% off on the Premium purchase and will be for a limited period.  We all love promotions and so hurry up to get yours!!

2 thoughts on “DROPINN – Airbnb Clone reborn, Version 1.6.6

    1. Hey guys, thanks for stepping aside and commenting on this wonderful topic!!! We appreciate it!!. We have recently many more updates on this and are gearing up to launch the mobile version. Try them too!!!

      PS – I luVVVV Italian food…where are you guys located?

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