Dropinn Avance – Airbnb Clone Version 1.6.8



We are having a breakthrough with the release of our Dropinn – Airbnb Clone, version 1.6.8. With a plethora of exciting new features and bug fixes, get ready to be blown by this wonderful release.

The new features included in this release are

  1. Export Users via Admin panel(CSV & TXT) – With the new version you can export user details both as a .csv format and or as a .txt format. All with a single click

  2. Contact me –  Have the customers in touch with this wonderful option. Give them a special price or have a chat with them and get to know them better. Even more better is the option to pre approve a booking. As soon as the booking and payment is made, it will be approved automatically.

  3. More stable – With this update we give you a more stable and boosted up script. With majority of the bugs cleared off and a cleaner script, this would be a cool walk in the park

Hold your breath as we swipe you off your feet with this marvelous tool!!

2 thoughts on “Dropinn Avance – Airbnb Clone Version 1.6.8

  1. Hey Mark, we have rooted out all the bugs in this one and have moved onto version 1.7.2..Check that out!!! Also we are launching the mobile version of Dropinn. Check them out!!!

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