VOUCH Adroit – Yipit Clone version 1.6.1


Introducing the all new Vouch Adroit!!

We are getting better with as we proceed day by day. Make way for the re ignited version of Vouch, Vouch Adroit, version 1.6.1. Do more and get even more from this wonderful platform which is getting better all the way long. We have added some best features to this brilliant script like :

1. Import the deals from http://www.livingsocial.com – Now you can import your favorite deals from the most popular deal site in a jiffy.
2. Import city name from http://www.livingsocial.com Import the cities from where you want the deals to be from in the click of a mouse button.
3. Admin can control the Past deals – Delete only – Now the administrator has the power to control the deals which are inactive.
4. Bug fixing – We have eradicated some of the nasty bugs which were giving a lot of trouble.

Marvel at this wonder and awe at the magnificence of such a brilliant tool to bring you home the most wonderful deals.

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