Pin IT Like IT Spread IT – mPinderful, Pinderful mobilized


mPinderful Beta – Version 1.0

Like pinning up stuff you like and favor? Ever wondered it would be odd to pin up stuff in your wall?

We give you the Pinderful and what’s more better is it is mobile.version has been launched.And here are the awesome features of the mobile person:

1. Registration via Email – Users can register with Dropinn using their email address

2. Registration via Facebook – Users can now use Facebook as a registration medium

3 .Login via Email – Users can now login via email, used for signing up

4. Login via Facebook – Users now can login using their Facebook account

5. Feed Page.– Customers can now have a separate section to display all the pins that they have posted

6. Like option – Customers can now have the option to like the Pins

7. Repin option – Customers can now re pin or share the pins that they like

8. Add new Pin – Customers can add new pins to their boards

To avail the offer, contact us at or skype us at ‘cogzidel’

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