Pinderful Inpingo 2.6

Pinderful Inpingo 2.6 dawns as a new  light in the age of pins. Pinderful opened up a new way to pin images and share them across the globe on a single click. Pin’em and earn the stripes to get the pins the attention they deserve.

 Some of the best features of this release are its Improved notification system, a very catchy UI, an overall boost to the performance and a pin board which can be edited at will. Also keep track of people who are following you and those whom you follow.

Pinderful Inpingo…a true delight to the eyes.



About the Author ksawme

CTO is my profession & Entrepreneurship is my passion... Fortunately, thanks to my CEO & childhood friend Anand Nataraj, I am onto my second stint of entrepreneurship & added to the beauty, I am paid for it!! So per Anand's word, I am an Interpreneur!! And we @ Cogzidel, are here to make a MARK!! in the IT Arena! On personal front, I am a Happy go lucky guy with a lovely, caring wife & cute little daughter. & I have strong interest in photography, blogging & meeting new people personally & virtually :)

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