Sedio Verbind 1.1.0 Beta

Discover and share life in motion. We have released Sedio Verbind 1.1.0 Beta, a very simple and quick video-sharing tool where you can shoot in 6 seconds and then share.

A video app with advanced activity page which has a seamless html5 video player. Create short, beautiful, looping videos in a simple and fun way for your friends and family to see. You can create accounts here with both Email and Facebook. It is also a user friendly app, easy to edit your profile details. It allows users to find, follow and interact with people close to you. You can instantly post videos on Sedio, then share to Facebook. We are now releasing Sedio app for Android. We are currently working on the iPhone app. Stay tuned!

There are a few more wonderful additions which we are not showing here. Visit to see them and experience them firsthand.

For more info on this, please send us an email to or Skype us at ‘cogzidel’


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