VfundU Amplio 1.6

VfundU Amplio 1.6

Kickstart your initiative with VfundU Amplio 1.6.

Comes with added performance ,be ready to explore the new additions of the script. The new additions are Improved UI on discover projects, Improved Project Detail page and Increased stability. Improved UI on discover projects which helps in easy search of projects, this allows the users to pick a project what they are intended to fund in an easy way. The other one is Improved Project Detail page,this feature comes with fine tuned improvement in which you can see the detailed content of each project. The VfundU grows stronger and stronger with new stable version.

There are a few more exciting features which we leave at your disposal to try.Visit http://www.cogzidel.com/about-us/kickstarter-clone to see them and experience them firsthand.

For more info on this, please send us an email to support@cogzidel.com or Skype us at cogzidel


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