VfundU Mellorado 1.6.2

VfundU Mellorado 1.6.2

Kickstart your initiative with VfundU Mellorado 1.6.2.

VfundU comes with new added performance this week, so be ready to experience the new additions of the script. The new additions are Improved Facebook plugin. Improved profile picture option, Improved validation on “Start you Project” and Bug fixing. Improved Facebook plugin is which it helps the user to login through the Facebook in Windows. Improved profile picture option, is used to upload a pic to set profile picture for your account. Improved validation on “Start your Project” used to detect the Errors or Bugs in the Project page. The other one is Bug Fixing, where we have reduced most bugs present in the product and it is more efficient than the previous one.The VfundU evolves weekly with new stable version to discover the innovations.

For more info on this, please send us an email to support@cogzidel.com or Skype us at cogzidel


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