DropInn Viaggiare 1.8.4

Feel free to use the new improved DropInn!

We give you DropInn Viaggiare 1.8.4, the new addition to the DropInn family

And here are the highlights for DropInn Viaggiare 1.8.4

  1. Suggest tags for neighbourhoods – Now you can easily suggest tags for the neighbourhood places by clicking on the suggest  a  tag button on the neighbourhood place page.
  2. Tags for neighbourhoods – When you view the neighbourhoods pages the suggested tags are viewed below the places. Which makes you know about others opinion about a place.
  3. Save neighbourhoods – Now the new save neighbourhood option is also available. This allows you to save the neighbourhood places you visit and will be easy to view the page whenever you want.
  4. Improved traveller option – Now plan your travel more easier with the new improved traveller options.
  5. Improved Validations – The new improved validations makes your access easy and helps you by sending mail when you forgot password.
  6. Bug Fixing – Now most of the bugs are fixed this gives you a great experience of using this new bug free version.

There are a few more wonderful additions which we are not showing here. Now DropInn gives you better suggestions to choose the place for your stay and makes you feel safe with the improved validations!

We are open in all channels – Skype us @ cogzidel, email us at support@cogzidel.com.

Like us @ www.facebook.com/cogzidel and Tweet us @ http://www.twitter.com/cogzideltech

Ring us @ INDIA# – +91 452 4282000 / US# – +1(410)-988-3944

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