DropInn Melhor 1.8.5

DropInn Melhor 1.8.5

Feel free to use the new improved DropInn!

We give you DropInn Melhor 1.8.5, the new addition to the DropInn family

And here are the highlights for DropInn Melhor 1.8.5

  1. Improved Facebook friends Invite option – Easily invite your near and dear ones who are connected via Facebook to your site and expand the user base.
  2. Improved Delete List option – Don’t like a listing you have? Worry not. That can be taken care of in a single push of a button.
  3. Improved “Check In” option for Guest – Now have your guests feel at home with the improved Check in feature as they can choose the needed accommodations.
  4. Improved Calendar in the edit listing – With this feature, plan the dates which will have the customers teeming for booking and reserve the chosen accommodations.
  5. Improved Block dates on Calendars – Block dates on particular days so that the booking is stopped for certain days on your choice.

There are a few more wonderful additions which we are not showing here. Now DropInn gives you better suggestions to choose the place for your stay and makes you feel safe with the improved validations!

We are open in all channels – Skype us @ cogzidel, email us at support@cogzidel.com

Like us @ www.facebook.com/cogzidel and Tweet us @ www.twitter.com/cogzideltech

Ring us @ INDIA#  +91 452 4282000 / US # 9380398591

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