Sedio Desempenho 1.2.3

Sedio Desempenho 1.2.3

Get addicted making cool videos of just 6 seconds using Sedio.

Now we give you Sedio Desempenho 1.2.3 with more added features.

Here are the highlights,

  1. Video Frame integration – Now integrate frames in your videos to make them more attractive and make them popular
  2. Improved Search Option – Search for videos with a more rigorous search algorithm and get apt results.
  3. Improved Profile Screen  – This will give you an added boost to your profile and will have your profile stand out.
  4. Attractive UI changes in Explore and Activity screen – Catch the users eyes with an attractive and catchy UI

Make cool videos and spread it virally with the new six seconds video sharing app Sedio!

We are now releasing Sedio app for Android. We are currently working on the iPhone app. Stay tuned!

We are open in all channels – Skype us @ cogzidel, email us at

Like us @ Facebook and Tweet us @ Twitter

Ring us @ INDIA # – +91 452 4282000 / US # 9380398591

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