DropInn Pabilisin 1.8.6

DropInn Pabilisin 1.8.6

Feel free to use the new improved DropInn!

We give you DropInn Pabilisin 1.8.6, the new addition to the DropInn family

And here are the highlights for DropInn Pabilisin 1.8.6

  1. New rules to avoid multiple booking on a same date – Now admins can be relaxed in multibooking error.
  2. Speed improvement – Load your DropInn in less than a second.
  3. Advanced neighborhood manage option in the Admin panel – With this feature. Admin can manage the Local knowledge in neighborhood in  back end.
  4. Improvement in search option – With the advanced search option integrated in the script, there is no way your search is going to be wrong. Now you can search accurate place result as you see in Google.
  5. Share your local knowledge in neighborhood – Now the customers can share their local knowledge. It will be accepted after the admin verifies it.

There are a few more wonderful additions which we are not showing here. Now DropInn gives you better suggestions to choose the place for your stay and makes you feel safe with the improved validation!

We are open in all channels – Skype us @ cogzidel, email us at support@cogzidel.com

Like us @ www.facebook.com/cogzidel and Tweet us @ www.twitter.com/cogzideltech

Ring us @ INDIA #  +91 452 4282000 / US # 9380398591

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