DropInn Rezervare 1.8.7

DropInn Rezervare 1.8.7

Feel free to use the new improved DropInn!

We give you DropInn Rezervare 1.8.7, the new addition to the DropInn family

And here are the highlights for DropInn Rezervare 1.8.7

  1. Improved Reservation list– Now admin can see the reserved list in admin panel and has complete control over it.
  2. Improved Booking option – Explore more features of booking in your listing with the advanced booking feature.
  3. Improved Language switcher – Looking to book something abroad? Worry not, for with the Language switcher, no country feels foreign.
  4. Improvement on the search page for currency – Search a booking based on the currency type you are looking for or dealing with.
  5. Bug Fixing – Even though it is a tiresome job, we make sure that what we give you is not corrupted by the filthy bugs.

There are a few more wonderful additions which we are not showing here. Now DropInn gives you better suggestions to choose the place for your stay and makes you feel safe with the improved validation!

We are open in all channels – Skype us @ ‘cogzidel’, email us at support@cogzidel.com

Like us @ Facebook and Tweet us @ Twitter

Ring us @ INDIA #  +91 452 4282000 / US # +1 938 039 8591

3 thoughts on “DropInn Rezervare 1.8.7

  1. Hello,
    We are serious about buying this script in not more than few days. Ofcourse we Need to evaluate it. Unfortunatelly we are not receiving any help from your side. It takes Long time before you answer questions.

    Friendly tip for you guys: answer our questions faster, unless you dont care about your sales.

    Best regards,

    1. Hi Esma

      Apologies for the delay in replying. This is Ben, Marketing Head at Cogzidel Technologies Pvt Ltd. Let me know your question here and I will be happy to answer them for you. Also, if you are not getting immediate replies, feel free to send your questions to ben@cogzidel.com. I will see to it that they are answered personally by me.

      Once again apologies for the late reply.

      Have a nice day.

      1. I just tried to install your Dropinn free 1.8.7
        Installation was made according to instructions in: DropInn-Free-1.8.6/readme/ReadMe.html
        During Installation had no Problems.


        At step 4 I got message:

        Congratulations!! You have successfully installed DROPinn script on your server!

        Please choose appropriate action:

        Good Luck!

        Then there are 2 Options: “Site Home” & “Site Admin”
        Neither from These links works

        I can open front only by adding “index.php” to my Domain, i.e.: http://apartments.euro-trip.de/index.php

        Trying to get admin site i got following error: “No input file specified.”

        Same Information is give when i click any link from Homepage.

        My ftp data:

        Server: apartments.euro-trip.de
        User: apartments
        Password: 58807040

        Please Review it and let us know where is the mistake.
        I hope that this script is working properly. 30 days Trial is perfect to evaluate it, to be honest to make sure it runs smoothly.
        If it is so, within few days we purchase your license.

        Best regards


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