Sedio Roulo 1.2.5

Sedio Roulo 1.2.5

With each new release we are competing with our self and we are happy that we outrun our self by each step we take. Sedio Roulo is the latest brainchild and we are happy that we are giving out the best.

Now we give you Sedio Roulo 1.2.5 with more added features.

Here are the highlights,

    1. Infinite scroller in all screens : Experience the power of scrolling rather than clicking the traditional way. Load sequence by sequence to avoid lags and save space and time.
    2. Instant update on profile page : Take a glimpse into the power of “now” as updates are made instantly and with no delay.
    3. Improved video recorder : More reliable in improved video capturing assures that you will have a video worth treasuring.
    4. More controls on resedio :  Now you can share all your videos except video in home page.
    5. Bug fixing : More bugs means more time we have spent on the script to make sure that we are delivering a quality product.

Make cool videos and spread it virally with the new six seconds video sharing app Sedio!

We are open in all channels – Skype us @ ‘cogzidel’, email us at

Like us @ Facebook and Tweet us @ Twitter

Ring us @ INDIA#  +91 452 4282000 / US # +1 938 039 8591

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