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Cogzidel Magento
Cogzidel’s Magento Services!!!

What is Magento?

Magento is an open-source ecommerce system which has been built using Zend Framework… Over 150,000 sites known to using Magento which ranges from smaller ecommerce websites to large multinationals such as Harvey Nichols and Samsung.

Why Cogzidel?

Cogzidel deems to be your right choice for outsourcing your Magento related services because;
  • Cogzidel is well versed with Magento’s complex solution where in an user needs reasonable knowledge (or understanding) of php and html in order to customise / set-up a store.
  • If any help is required one has to obtain paid support from Magento or must purchase an Enterprise edition. Cogzidel’s professional charges are competent and cheaper compared to  Magento…
  • Cogzidel’s Magento Experts are well seasoned and experienced professionals who are onto to Magento Development & Customization for over 5 years and have worked on 100+ Magento projects…
  • Cogzidel’s Magento Experts are well versed with Magento Archiceture which is not easy to master even by Professional Developers… On brief it out this is Magento model in brief..
    • Zend Framework which is used by Magento…
    • Entity-Attribute-Value database model which is used by Magento to store data… Where the data is recorded as 3 columns;
      • The entity: the item being described.
      • The attribute or parameter: a foreign key into a table of attribute definitions. At the very least, the attribute definitions table would contain the following columns: an attribute ID, attribute name, description, data type, and columns assisting input validation, e.g., maximum string length and regular expression, set of permissible values, etc.
      • The value of the attribute.
    • Good understanding on Model-View-Controller model used by Magento…  Magento’s MVC model follows;
      • The use of a layout file to control what’s displayed on each view.
      • The use of “blocks” that can be inserted into any view easily via the layout.
      • The use of a model re-write system.
  • Cogzidel can be your one stop solution for all your Magento needs because we offer;
    • Magento Development
    • Magento Customization
    • Magento Plugin Development
    • Magento Plugin Customization
    • Magento Shop Implementation
    • Magento Theme Conversion
    • Magento Testing
    • Magento Shop Maintenance
      • Add Products
      • Customer Support
  • Products developed my Cogzidel using Magento;

Cogzidel Methodology

After posting an Enquiry Ticket one of our Couriers will contact the customer through email, IM or a Call based on customers choice…

Step1: Couriers

  • Give a presentation on Cogzidel…
    • On billing types
    • Portfolio
    • Casestudies
  • Collect Requirement and pass to presales team…
Step 2: Customer will be given a ballpark quote and time estimate…
Step 3: Once customer is OK with the ballpark quote… Request will be passed to Business Analyst…

Step 4: Detailed requirement gathering and build a Story Board…

Step 5: Give the final quote and time estimate…

Magento Advantage

  • Lots of free and paid plugin developed by a huge community…
  • Powered by Zend Framework…
  • Good community support…
  • Simple to use admin interface…
  • Easy to Manage…
For any enquiries on Magento services or products please contact

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