What is Story Board Building?

What is Story Board Building?

It is nothing but breakdown of all complex tasks that will happen in a project into simpler and easy to understand line items.

In other words, it’s a beautiful journey where Customer’s unstructured requirement is converted into understandable structured requirement.

Storyboarding is used in software development as part of identifying the specifications for a particular software (project). During the specification phase, screens that the software will display are drawn either on paper or using other specialised software (software tools) to illustrate the important steps of the user experience.


The storyboard is then modified by the engineers and the client while they decide on their specific needs. The reason why storyboarding is useful during software engineering is that it helps the user(user or developer or customer?) understand exactly how the software will work, much better than an abstract description. It is also cheaper to make changes to a storyboard than an implemented piece of software.

Who all will take part in it?

Usually the storyboard is designed by the Business Analyst who will initially look at the specification that the customer has given the Team to develop. Additionally a developer, usually the senior one will help in creating a storyboard. The client, can pitch in and make alterations to the storyboard.  The client can bring a programmer from their end too to have a look at the Storyboard and make changes to it.

What are the benefits of Storyboard Building?

  • They help us gather and share information about users, tasks, and goals.
  • They put a human face on analytic data.
  • They can spark new design concepts and encourage collaboration and innovation.
  • They are a way to share ideas and create a sense of shared history and purpose.
  • They help us understand the world by giving us insight into people who are not just like us.
  • They can even persuade others of the value of our contribution.

Although there are tools to generate storyboards respective to the customer’s requirements, manual creation adds a human touch to it. And auto generating them has their own flaws.

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