Operation First Name!

At Cogzidel, it’s odd & weird that people call their colleagues as Anna, Akka, Sir, Madam etc.,

Recently we studied a bunch of communication issues in our office. Of these, we found out that these showering of respect, indeed creating a disruption between the Cogzians. Newly joined Cogzians exhibit shyness, fear, inhibition towards experienced Cogzians citing that ‘They are our elders. How can we contact / demand / request / seek help from them?’

Being taken up professionally in the US & European market, myself & Anand always used to address our colleagues & customers using their first name. We tried to educate the Cogzians on this, but in vain!

So we have kick-started the ‘Operation First Name’ which attempts to weed out the respect factor! People who failed to call their colleagues and bosses by their first name will bear to pay a spot fine of ₹1 on the Smiling Hulk Piggy Bank! We will be appointing Operation Seargents who will supervise the floor for Rule breakers & collect the spot fine! From the accumulated amount, we have decided to use 10% of it to award the Seargents & remaining will go into ‘Fun @ Work’ Kitty!

Arun Bhavin did the honors of being the first rule breaker & victim!


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