Few lines about Renu…

Renu – A Talented young lady who grabbed our attention through her Honesty & Transparency. We are happy to announce that she is the find of the year 2014. Post to the celebration, we had a One on One session with her and here are few lines about here,

1. You carry a beautiful smile throughout the day, throughout the last 4 months. How do you do that?

From my childhood, I’m able to maintain a smiling face and I’m really happy that I’m able to do it by nature.

2. Describe to us how has the journey for you with Cogzidel has been so far?

I faced lot of challenges in the first two months and I got a lot of feedbacks too. I took all these feedbacks in a positive way and now, I’m confidence to handle any situation.

IMG_2043    IMG_2044   

3. Being critical, what do you think Cogzidel is doing to its employees to help them to be successful?

Cogzidel always ask the employee to bring their problems to the table to sort it out. This worked out well in many situations and produced good results!

4. Whom do you want to thank and for what over the last four months?

I would like to thank all the commanders and Pradeebha (Previous HR) who advised me on various aspects! I also like to thank our Director & CTO Sam for sharing many articles on entrepreneurship which helped in many ways!

5. Can you explain to the world on how were you interviewed or recruited into Cogzidel?

My long time goal and ambition is to become an entrepreneur. So I thought of gathering knowledge and searched for a job which is related to management. I came across Cogzidel and applied for the HR Position. Surprisingly, I got a call next day itself, then I cleared the interview and got selected. I was happy that Cogzidel appreciated my views and offered me the HR Job.

6. What are your accomplishments over the last four months?

One of the biggest pain points which I faced during my initial days is to maintain the database of the candidates. It was not perfectly maintained for a long time. I personally took care of this and started maintaining it. Also, I maintained proper Login and Logout time for all the employees.

7. Do you want to talk about any specific colleague and how have they impacted you?

I won’t be able to point a single person as I have gotten help from all of my colleagues in past four months and everyone has done their best to help me in completing my task.

8. What have you done in Cogzidel and what has Cogzidel done to you?

I gained a lot of knowledge on how an entrepreneur should be. Our Director & CTO Sam, encourages me to achieve my dreams and I really want to take this opportunity to thank him for supporting me.

9. What is your advice to Cogzidel? What is your advice to those who recently joined or going to be joining?

Create a passion in your work. Initially focus on knowledge rather than money. This would be my personal advice to all the Cogzians.

10. You were involved in conferences, events, workshops, interview drives and much more. Do you want to share some of your experience doing it all?

Cogzidel took me to an Agile Certification Program, where I was able to develop my technical knowledge a lot and got more information about the Agile Process.

11. Here is a space for you to write about specific people in Cogzidel and your funny / interesting experience working with them?

Myself and Deepak always used to remember one incident, where Arun & Deepak got scoldings from me during my work time.

12. What kind of pressure you have and continue to handle in Cogzidel? How do you handle it?

I have never felt any kind of pressure as I love my job a lot and do it with a passion. Now I got promoted as Deputy BPM which I need to learn a lot. I’m positive that I can adopt and do it well.

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