Boomi is back!

Boomi, a guy who faced lot of challenges in his earlier stage as SysAd and proved his caliber in many situations. After a good successful year, he went to an another company. Now he is back to Cogzidel to start his career as an iOS Developer. We warmly back him back to Cogzidel and here are few snippets about Boomi,

1. How was your welcome back function? Did you expect this?

I really enjoyed the function and I didn’t expect this warm welcome from Cogzidel.

2. What made you to march back to Cogzidel?

I learnt a lot in Cogzidel as a System Admin. I realized that working in pressure will make the person well versed in his/her role.

IMG_2045    IMG_2046     

3. Whom do you want to thank for this opportunity?

I would like to thank our CEO Anand, Director Sam and Commander Deepak for this opportunity.

4. How difficult and different is Cogzidel compared to other companies you have worked?

I’m not able to explain as I haven’t done any project in my previous company.

5. You have cared a lot for Cogzidel. I am sure it is not because we pay you, but has to be from the heart. How did you fall in love with Cogzidel?

Cogzidel gave me confidence and it gave me lot of knowledge in System admin role. Also now, it gave me another chance to work as an iOS Developer.

6. Do you think cogzidel will make your future as a successful one?

Yes, definitely.

7. What kind of pressure you have undergone in Cogzidel previously? How did you handle it?

I have undergone few pressurized situation previously and I took in a positive way which resulted in benefit.

8. What memories do you want to share about working with people in Cogzidel?

One of the memorable moment which I can’t forget is migrating the entire system to LAMP environment. It boosted my confidence in many ways.

9. What we can expect from you as an iOS Developer?

I’m eager to start my career as an iOS Developer and you can expect all my tasks getting completed within the stipulated timeline.

10. Here is a space for you to write about specific people in Cogzidel and your funny / interesting experience working with them?

I’m afraid, I don’t remember any of such moments.

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