DropInn ‘Sewa’ 3.0.6

We keep on evolving with the new updates on our products in order to be the first in delivering latest technology. One such latest advancement made by our team is DropInn 3.0.6, which will serve those looking out for a perfect solution for starting an online rental website.


This Airbnb clone has many improved features that will turn both renting and booking as a smooth experience for your customers.

The added features of the new version are,

  • Implemented Notification for Guest/ Host after Checkout: Now get a notification from our customers for their checkout.
  • Implemented Multiple Upload Photos in List Your Space Page: Comfort your host from the restriction of uploading a single image in List Your Space Page.
  • Improved Google+ Login: Get into your account quickly without waiting with this improved feature.
  • Improved Active/ Hidden List in Hosting Page: Make your host much comfortable to Hide/ Active their list with this advanced feature.
  • Improved Price Filter Search in Search Page: Ease your customers in filtering their booking priority according to the price with this improved feature.
  • Improved iCal Function: Your host will get notified of their booked lists of any site with this improved feature.

Visit our online shop: shop.cogzidel.com

For all your inquiries, just get in touch with us in the below mediums to get answers for all your queries,

Email: support@cogzidel.com
Phone: US# +1-818-302-8158, IN# +91-452-428-2000
Skype: cogzidel

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