Pinderful ‘Pinski’ 3.0.1

The latest version of Pinderful is out and now it comes with loads of really cool features.

Pinderful_banner (2)

Now create a social platform which could enable users to upload their memorable moments or extract photos of any kind and share it among their friends. This version has significant changes to enhance your website standards and functionalities.

The following are the changes packed into Pinderful 3.0.1,

  • Implemented Notification for Page Activities via Email – Your customers will get an instant Notification Email, during any interaction from their followers with this added feature.
  • Implemented Share Website Option in Pin Detail Page – Allow your customers to pin an image from any website and let their followers reach that particular website.
  • Improved Manage Pin Page – Users pinning in their page have been advanced.
  • Bug Fixing – Plenty of bugs have been slashed out to make your website more adorable.

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