Cogzidel has released yet another version of DropInn – Airbnb Clone, through which you can have an extreme and user friendly online rental website. In this version, we have made some tweaks to make a greater impact on the entire payment mechanism. We have also incorporated lots of features to give a great user friendly experience to your users.

DropInn_banner (1)

The following are the Significant features that will make a difference in your website,

  • Implemented MySQL Backup in Admin Panel – With this improved feature, you can have a backup of your users.
  • Implemented Customization of Currency – With this new feature your Currency Option will change according to your IP address.
  • User Friendly Upload Option in List Your Space Page – Upload the Photos in List Your Space Page with one click, with this exciting feature.
  • Improved Public Profile Page – With this feature, your Profile Page will give more information about you to your Guest.
  • Improved Coupon Code Option in Multiple Currency – Have more Currency Option in the gifting your customers.
  • Improved Guest Review in Profile Page – Now view all your Guest’s Review in your Profile Page more clearly with this Improved feature.
  • Bug Fixing – Now your website will be more flexible with these Bug Fixing.

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For all your inquiries, just get in touch with us in the below mediums to get answers for all your queries,

Phone: US# +1-818-302-8158, IN# +91-452-428-2000
Skype: cogzidel

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