VfundU ‘Ajuda’ 1.8.3

VfundU– Kickstarter Clone, online fundraising platform goes one step ahead to help your project creators & backers with projects and make a difference in the fundraising field. We have incorporated additional the features in this new version to give great user friendly experience to your users.

vfundu_banner (1)

These are the new features to build a successful website and start earning spontaneously,

Improved Payment Process for Successful Project: Through this feature, make your customers to do transactions easily than before.

Improved Reward Option to FundRaiser: With this Improved feature, allow your project creators to offer some complementary benefits to the fundraisers.

Improved Email Template for all Mails in Admin Panel: This feature enables you to modify the Email Template that will be sent to the new activation users.

Improved Refund Payment Process: Now Refund your customers without any delay with this Advanced feature.

Improved Review Comment of the Users: Allow your project creators to Review their Comments for the project they post, more frequently with this Improved feature.

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