Note from Nadesh after his first year celebration..

We extend our best wishes to Nadesh on his second year service with Cogzidel Technologies. Throughout the year, we have noticed dedication and enthusiasm for his job.

To encourage him in his hard work, we celebrated the 1st year completion with all Cogzians. We wish him to continue success in the upcoming years. Let’s check out, what he said during the interview.

1. Tell us some funny, interesting, memorable experiences you have had in Cogzidel?

I’ll never forget all the birthday celebrations, events and last year Carnival at Pandian Hotel. It was fun and it will never fade out from my memories.

2. What would you like to do in your 2nd year at Cogzidel that you have not done in the 1st year?

I want to show my future goals in action rather than sharing it in words and one of my wishes is to do a live project for the company.

3. What were some cool moments for you in Cogzidel?

The most coolest moments was the day, I wore a yellow colour dress on Christmas eve. It was a Christmas wish from my TL.


4. Do you want to talk about any specific colleague and how have they impacted you?

Of Course, I would like to talk about my first team leader, Habeeb Mohamed. He guided me in both my professional and personal life. He always gives me confidence in completing a work in short time.

5. Can you explain to the world on how were you interviewed or recruited into Cogzidel?

This question took me back to those days, where I was a fresher and badly hunting for a job. In the interview, I scored very low marks in the written test, but I was able clear the interview process with my confidence and boldness. I’m happy with the progress so far.

6. You joined us as a fresher. What expectations did you have and how has the journey been so far?

It was a wonderful journey so far. I always enjoy each & every moment and happening in Cogzidel. I am very happy that I have completed my one year journey in Cogzidel with more hard work and positive thoughts.


7. What are your accomplishments of the first year at work?

The biggest accomplishment of mine is that, I have gained confidence from the company that I can handle any project successfully.

8. What skills do you identify yourselves?

Cogzidel has given me a platform to present my talent & skill. They have also given me an opportunity to explore my core area of interest and help me grow in many ways.

9. You are someone whom I have personally seen take feedback and work on it. How do you do that?

Thank you very much for the compliments. I’m basically a result oriented person and I will be curious to know the outcome of my work and effort, that whether it was good or bad. This made me to set a target and re-work on those areas that needs improvement.

10. What is your advice to those who recently joined or going to be joined in Cogzidel?

Don’t get satisfied with your work once it is completed, always try to improve it in a better way. Without any interest and willingness in knowing new things, we can’t learn anything. So first choose a perfect path for your career and move on it.


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