Meena’s experience at Cogzidel..

Meenambika, one of the smiling face in Cogzidel have recently completed 2 years in Cogzidel and we have celebrated the event with a Cake Cutting ceremony. Let’s have a glance about her experience,

1. You have completed two years at Cogzidel. How is that feeling for you?

I feel great and it makes me feel proud, when I think that I am working in Cogzidel for two years.

2. Tell us the moments where you laughed a lot?

In Cogzidel Carnival function, I participated in dance and it was one of the moment where I can’t control my laugh.

3. Can you tell us about the work you did that made you feel great about yourself?

I have done some contribution in completing 1000apartamentos project, that made me feel great about myself.



4. Tell us some of your memorable experiences over 2 years at Cogzidel?

There are so many memorable moments I had in Cogzidel and few of my favourite moments are,

1. Carnival function.

2. Working with different team leaders.

3. My Birthday celebration in Cogzidel.

5. What goals do you have for your 3rd year at Cogzidel?

I want to achieve things that I have not done in the past two years and also want to clear all my difficulties that I faced over last two years.

6. What would you like to say to the newcomers?

I want the freshers to do the task perfectly and neatly. And from my experience, they should not give up their hope at any cost.

7. How would you describe your learning experience in Cogzidel?

I have learned many new technology and ways for innovations from Cogzidel and still I have the interest in learning many new things.

8. Who is your biggest influence in Cogzidel? Why?

My Colleague Venkatesh, who always shows enthusiasm in his work and a good well wisher of mine.

9. What have you learnt from people in Cogzidel?

It was a great pleasure to work in Cogzidel. Each and every one is different with unique talents. I’ve learnt many things from Cogzians.

10. What was your mindset after you got selected in this company?

When I got selected in Cogzidel, I was actually very much excited about my role and thought of giving my best to the company.


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