Sedio ‘Attata’ 2.0

You are about to experience the most expected release of Sedio 2.0, through which your customers can make a copy of their beautiful scene in a six second time frame.


Be the limelight of the online industry with this video sharing app. Also, your customers can share their memorable moments on Facebook and Twitter in single login with this top Vine Clone.

Let’s check out the latest tweaks in this version,

  • Implemented Find Friends in FB and Twitter: This feature will allow your customers to find their FB and Twitter friends to follow them.
  • Improved Other Language Option in Sign Up Page: With this improved feature, give more languages to your customers in their Sign Up page.
  • Improved Add location: When sharing a video, your customers can also mention the place where they are more accurately.
  • Improved Share Option for FB and Twitter: Allow your customers to share their looping videos on Facebook and Twitter frequently.
  • Implemented Front Camera Option: This feature will ease your customers in taking video using their front camera.
  • Implemented Tag and People Search: Give an option for your customers to search their wants using tags and people.
  • Improved Icon Designs: Get a new look to your handy website with this Improved Icon Design Option.
  • Improved Video Scroll Bar Option: With this feature, give Option to your customers to Scroll the looping Video.
  • Implemented Version Option in Profile Page: This Option will allow your customers to view the updated version they use.
  • Implemented Reset Password Option: With this feature, allow your users to reset their password whenever they want.

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Have any queries? No worries, feel free to contact us and get in touch with us in below mediums,

Phone: US# +1-818-302-8158, IN# +91-452-428-2000
Skype: cogzidel

















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