DropInn ‘Casa’ 3.1.0

Yet another milestone for DropInn. Yes, we have released another version of DropInn to Make your life and your rental business as an easy one.


In this version, we have added some cool features that would awe you for sure and major bugs and glitches are revised.

The following list will give you a brief about all the additional and new features which will be looking forward to the new version,

  • Implemented Credit Card Payment: With this feature, allow your customers to use Credit card in the Payment process.
  • Improved User Friendly iCal Functionality: Give option to your customers to get rid of the unwanted calendar.
  • Improved Facebook Share Option in Detail Page: Allow your users to Share their listing on Facebook with more comfort.
  • Improved Page Optimization: This feature enables you to run the website in tremendous speed.
  • Bug Fixing: Even though it is a tiresome job, we make sure that what we give you is not corrupted by the filthy bugs.

Visit our online shop: shop.cogzidel.com

We are sure that you’ll be having lots of questions and all our experts are waiting online to clarify your doubts. Feel free to contact us on the below mediums,

Email: support@cogzidel.com
Phone: US# +1-818-302-8158, IN# +91-452-428-2000
Skype: cogzidel

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