Platform to unleash your potential..

Cogzidel is hiring talented CSS/ HTML developers. We don’t offer jobs, we build careers. Are you one of them? Then Walk-in with your resume and enter our premises.

Job Description: You’ll be coding some really cool stuff.

Skill-Set Requirement: CSS/ HTML

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Recruitment Procedure:

1. Send your resume & links/ references to your previous work to

It will just tell us who you are. Your academics won’t be an elimination criteria. We don’t care if you failed in Engineering exams thrice. Describe the best of your work in the cover letter.

2. Generic Telephonic Interview

If we love your resume, we would like to know you better.

3. Technical Interview

If things are going great so far, we will be asking you questions that help us know how well you know your stuff.

4. Live Assignment

We’ll give you a small project to work on & set a deadline. We’ll judge your performance and ability to self-learn & deliver.

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