How to Install DropInn – Airbnb Clone Script

This post steps through the process of installing the DropInn package. The installation is quite simple always! Sometimes you may run into a problem or have a special circumstance; this post gives you the clarity about the step by step installation of DropInn.

Step1: First, we need to create a new folder in your lampp path.

Follow this path:  Opt – lampp – htdocs – Create folder



Step 2: Paste your zip file into that created folder.


Step 3: Now, extract the zip file.


Step 4: We should give the Read/Write permission for the package.


Step 5: Now, start your xampp in your system.


Step 6: Create Database in your localhost.


Step 7: Now, you can go with your local path in browser.


Step 8: Check the instruction and click to next.


Step 9: Now, we can move next step. In next step we need to fill your database details.


Step 10: Now, we can move to next step. In that 3rd step, we should fill the admin details.


Step 11: Installation steps has been completed. Now we can go for Admin and Home page.


Step 12: Before that, we need to rename that install folder name in your package.



Step 13: Finally, we have completed the installation! 🙂


* If you want to access the Admin panel. Please reach us, we will give you the license key for access your Admin panel!

Contact us: +1-818-302-8158
Skype: Cogzidel

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