DropInn Mobile iOS version – 1.1

your favorite unique places from the local (4)


DropInn Mobile is a great app for all online rental services. It is a ready to use rental system which can be used for various rentals such as accommodations, cars, bikes, yachts, books, videos, tools, and much more.

We have been constantly striving to improvise the app and here is the list of additional features available in this realease.

1) Implemented “Host Accept” functionality – Now it is much easier for Host to accept the Guest’s reservation requests in App. The Host can also decline the Guest’s reservation requests.

2) Implemented functionality to view messages – Both the Host and Guest can now view the messages related to reservations.

The Host will receive the reservation request messages from the Guests, and the Guest will receive the  accept/decline messages from the Host.

The Host can also view detailed information about a Guest’s reservation by clicking the message.

3) Implemented “Your Listings” functionality – Now. it is easy for host to view/edit and preview their own listings in App. Also, the Host can set list’s visibility in Optional details page.
If the list’s visibility is “Off”, then the list won’t be displayed in search results.

4) We have squeezed bugs to improve the App stability.

Please feel free to mail us at support@cogzidel.com or skype us at cogzidel for more details about DropInn Mobile iOS v1.1

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