Performance Testing Services

Testing Services (4)Performance testing is a process to ensure quality, speed, stability, and responsiveness of a software, under various simulated conditions. There are different types of test available under the umbrella of Performance testing. Please continue to read to understand the service and how it can benefit you.

  • Capacity Test: We perform this test to determine the number of users your software can handle. This number is essential to determine the performance and stability of your software. Knowledge about the capacity of the software will provide you with an insight into the events that might drive your software above its limitations. Capacity Test can help you avoid performance related and/or stability related issues.
  • Load Test: This test is performed to determine whether your software behaves as intended under specific or normal condition. It also helps you evaluate the response time, page load issues, band with issues, system lag, or any other issue that would arise when there is a huge traffic or multiple users accessing the software at the same time.  Our fundamental purpose of load testing your software is to identify the maximum limit of all the components, that includes the database, hardware, and the network. We also identify the reasons that may cause the system to break, assuming that the break happens below the peak load condition.
  • Stress Test: This test is done to determine the ability of the software beyond its band with capacity. While we perform the load test within controlled environment, Stress test is performed under unfavorable conditions to identify how the system reacts to failure and how it recovers gracefully.
  • Stability Test: We perform this test to access the stability of the software, by placing the application under load for a longer duration of time. This test also helps in capturing the number of failures a software can exhibit. By performing this test, we will be able to identify if your application can continuously perform for a stipulated period of time.

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